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GNR LE Hyperlytes--Excellent Cabinet Lighting

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The first thing most people say when they look at a Guns N’ Roses Limited Edition pinball machine is “Hey, not enough lights!” Of course they don’t mean under the glass—there are a few lights in there—but for all the show blasting in the machine, it sure is dark out there beyond the cabinet.

We can help you with that. Try GNR Hyperlytes! These cabinet lights take the light show to the entire room—they mirror the excellently programmed JJP Hot Rails and bring the game to life for players and fans alike.

GNR Hyperlytes are immersive for the player, a show-grower for the audience, and an overall impressive addition to your GNR LE… order yours today!

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More than 200 additional LEDs for the bottom and the back of your cabinet
They mirror the left and right hot rails individually and light up around your game in visual "stereo"
Integrated signal buffer ensures clean data and power signals to all lights
Super bright LEDs to extend the concert with conviction
100% Plug-N-Play: no permanent modifications to the game
Appears to work perfectly in tandem with Pinstadiums Concert Edition--one confirmed customer reports no issues
Installs in 30-45 minutes

In the box:

Hyperlytes buffer/controller
Beefy power supply to never let your lights down
Four 1-meter long enclosed LED profiles with white translucent diffusers (60 pixels in the right profiles and 42 pixels in the lefts)
Wiring harnesses to connect to game and to the LED profiles with eight simple clicks
Mounting tape and cable management

Disclaimer: This product is not affiliated with or endorsed by Jersey Jack Pinball in any way and although it is designed to not interfere with or endanger your game, it may void the manufacturer's warranty. Any responsibility for modifications of your games is yours alone.

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$ 299.00

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