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EM Score Keepers, an EM Pinball Mod (OLED Display)

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This kit allows any pinball machine to save your high scores directly to the pinball machine, using the pin's own flipper buttons and coin return button to set your high scores. No soldering. No re-wiring. No stress. It's simple, inexpensive, and easy to install.

This was created originally for EM pinball machines (because they couldn't save high scores) but there are other pins that could use this as well.

It can be installed in ANY pinball machine. Almost all EM pinball machines have small openings on their aprons (behind the instruction cards) for the wires to go through.

How to Install:

Included in this kit:
1 x OLED (BLUE or WHITE text options--decide at checkout)
1 x Microprocessor w/ Cable
1 x White, Long Cord
1 x Set of Display Card Inserts
1 x USB Mini B Cord
1 x USB Wall Charger
5 x Adjustable Cable Clips w/ Optional Screws
2 x Leaf Switches with Plastic Insulator
4 x 1 ½” Leaf Switch Screw
1 x Microswitch
1 x Outlet

Located in Lakeville, MN, but I can also ship!

NOTE: If your pinball machine does not have a coin return button, we have additional 1/2" metal push buttons you can install. Please contact me before or directly after ordering.

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