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Expressive Speaker Lights Kit

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PLEASE CAREFULLY READ EVERYTHING IN THIS LISTING BEFORE PURCHASING. There's a lot to know and to be certain of before committing to this kit.

Stern's Expression Lighting is probably one of the single most eye catching things to happen to rock themed pinball games in a long time. We've taken that and extended it for the speaker light loving crowd, bringing you a fully interactive speaker light kit that lights up exactly like the expression lights! 96 bright LEDs (48 per speaker) duplicate the Expression Light shows, light for light, in real time, but wrapped around your speakers!

We introduce to you, the Outpost Kodelia Expressive Speaker Lights Kit!!

This kit is compatible with both Rush and Led Zeppelin (and likely any future Stern pins to use Expression Lighting), so long as the game already has an Expression Light Kit installed. If your game does not have expression lighting, these will not work. This kit relies on the existence of the Node 2 board on the lower left side wall of the cabinet. Games without expression light kits do not have this Node 2 board, and therefore will not work with this kit.

These are compatible with both the 5.25" factory Kenwood and upgraded Pin Woofer Pyle speakers. These are NOT compatible with the 4" factory speakers. If you have the 4" speakers, you'll need to buy the 5.25" speaker plates (from someone like and a pair of compatible 5.25" speakers.

For any other speakers, you'll need to measure the "bottom mount depth" of the speaker (from the very front mounting pad all the way to the back of the magnet, the depth of the ENTIRE speaker, exclusive of any tweeter protrusion). If the mounting depth is less than 2", it is fully compatible. If the mounting depth is between 2" and 2 1/8", it is compatible but you may need to remove the acrylic spacers between the speaker plates and the backbox panel (as well as slightly modifying the speaker mounting plates). If the mounting depth is greater than 2 1/8", it is not compatible. -- However, you can go as much as 2 1/4", but the speaker panel on the right side will push out very slightly when you close and lock the panel due to the back of the magnet pressing against the metal housing of the power supply (we didn't hear any vibration as a result, and we weren't able to see any difference when standing in player position, no light bleed or anything like that).

While we realize this will be limiting for some folks, we have to fit the full complement of expression lights which adds a lot of depth, and on the right side of the backbox, we have to contend with the power supply, which greatly limits depth. We will continue to look into options to make this work with deeper speakers, so check in on this listing or the NinjaCamp thread now and then to see if we're able to make it happen.

Installation will involve screwing a small interface PCB into the side of the cabinet, near the Node 2 board, plugging and unplugging wires, removing the old speaker mounting hardware and installing our new speaker mounting hardware in its place, routing a wire from the backbox speaker area to the interface PCB, and sticking down and plugging in a small power transformer.

NO soldering, NO splicing, NO permanent modifications except a couple of screw holes for the interface PCB.

This kit will draw up to 2/3 of an amp (or 30w) from the 48v power plug (when all expression lights are on full and white), but generally much less. While this is fairly low, it is up to you to ensure you are not overloading your power system with too many accessories, which could lead to game stability issues or power supply failure.

If you already have something plugged into the 48v CN7 plug on the power board in the lower right side of the backbox, you will need to order the 48v power splitter:

We installed the translucent gold acrylic speaker surrounds from, and I have to say, it's definitely a big improvement... Much more light comes through and they really pop compared to the stock gold metal plates. To be clear, these translucent speaker surrounds are NOT required, they are optional but recommended for their improved aesthetics. Note that these are slightly thicker than the factory metal plates, so take at least 1/16" off of your speaker depth measurements if you plan to use these.

Check out the videos linked below, the photos simply do not do this justice! The following videos are of the kit with the translucent gold surrounds installed: - One Little Victory - Tom Sawyer - The Spirit of Radio

For a video with the stock gold metal surrounds, check here:

For a video of the kit installed on a Led Zeppelin Premium (upgraded to the Kenwood 5.25" speakers, no speaker surrounds), check here:

Timeline: We don't yet know what demand for these will be. If we're overwhelmed with orders, it could take up to three weeks to ship out your product. We appreciate your business and you can rest assured that we are moving as fast as possible.

Disclaimer: Since it is not possible to tell what damage existed before installing this kit, NinjaCamp cannot be held accountable for damage believed to be caused from our product or the installation or operation thereof. By purchasing this mod you agree not to hold NinjaCamp or its partners liable for damage to the cabinet, electronics, or any other part of the machine that may occur now or in the future.

Warranty: NinjaCamp will replace this part at our cost if it fails to function properly during the course of "normal usage", for up to six months from the date of purchase. NinjaCamp has the right to define "normal usage" on a case by case basis, and may request evidence to confirm the failure.

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