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Rush Spinner Exit Adjuster

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With Stern's Rush, many have noticed that when the ball shoots through the spinner just right, it will go through the gate, hit a ball guide, and bounce back through the gate and roll down under then spinner, giving you a messy return and a possible drain instead of a clean return past the upper flipper. If your Rush is suffering from this affliction, we have the answer! This simple snap in part ensures the ball follows a more downward trajectory so it won't bounce back and exits where it should. Made from clear 95A TPU, it's both durable and has low visibility.

For a video of what we're talking about here, check out the video posted by Pinsider @H3XAG0N here:

And here is their video showing it fixed by this part!

Huge thanks to @H3XAG0N for the great videos that finally helped us crack the issue and create a fix!

Works with all versions of Rush and installs in minutes (smaller hands will definitely have an easier time, but anyone should be able to get it in there with a little creative angling). To install, simply slide the part over the end of the metal ball guide, ensuring the top is between the metal ball guide and the plastic, then snap it in against the rail behind it, as shown in the render. It may help to lift the playfield, pull it forward, and rest the rubber front leg bumpers on the lock bar guide at the front edge of the cabinet.

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