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Rush Scoop Sleeves

Item description

Are your stomach muscles exhausted from physically cringing as you think about the damage it's causing every time you hear the ball smash into the side of the scoops? Well cringe no more, NinjaCamp and Outpost Kodelia are back with more TPU goodness to give your poor stomach a break! This slip on part wraps the metal arch of the scoop tightly in a layer of protective rubber. We feel like there's an analogy to some other well known type of product to be made here, but it just isn't coming to us... Anywho, wrap your scoop in our sleeves and play comfortably knowing that you're probably about 98% protected from those pesky unwanted outcomes of your playtime.

For the more pragmatic among us who feel like only the lower scoop is at risk, you can get a lower scoop sleeve only. For the OCD among us, get both the upper and lower sleeves for that oh-so-comfortable matchey-matchey feeling. Order in gray or black to go with your existing NinjaCamp scoop protector. We briefly considered offering it in clear, but the already thin line between this product and our not-so-subtly aforementioned analog just got too damn uncomfortably thin for us, and we're pretty sure you'll agree.

NOTE: As with everything, materials are in short supply these days, so the gray or black we used to print your existing scoop protector may not be identical in color/tone to the sleeve you order today. Since the parts don't directly touch and sit at very different angles, we think it'll all work out just fine, but we would be remiss not to be upfront about the possibility.

IMPORTANT <--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Timeline: Due to overwhelming demand it may take up to three weeks from the time of order to receive your order. We appreciate your business and are moving as fast as possible!

Warranty: NinjaCamp will replace this part at our cost if damage to the part occurs during the course of "normal usage". NinjaCamp has the right to define "normal usage" on a case by case basis.

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Rush Scoop Sleeve Set - Ghost Rider Grey In stock
$ 35.00
Rush Scoop Sleeve Set - Bastille Day Black In stock
$ 35.00
Rush Scoop Sleeve Set - Presto Purple In stock
$ 35.00
Rush Scoop Sleeve Set - The Big Money Blue In stock
$ 35.00
Rush Scoop Sleeve Set - Grand Designs Green In stock
$ 35.00
Rush Scoop Sleeve Set - One Little Victory Orange In stock
$ 35.00
Rush Scoop Sleeve Set - Roll the Bones Red In stock
$ 35.00
Rush Scoop Sleeve Set - Cygnus X-1 Clear In stock
$ 35.00


From $ 35.00

Price depends on selected item variation.

Ships for $ 5.00 (International $ 18.00)

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Parts > Rubber/Silicone


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