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Rick and Morty TPU Portal Protector

Item description

Are you ready to protect your holes? If the answer is an emphatic "yes" it is time to get yourself a fancy portal protector! Crafted from the finest TPU NinjaCamp can afford, the TPU portal protector is designed to be both durable and simple to install. Using a proprietary mix of ancient ninja secrets and 3D printing, NinjaCamp has crafted the perfect addition for your Rick and Morty machine. Not only does this protector keep your hole in top condition, it also doubles as an thematically correct visual for the portal. If visuals are your thing, wait until you see this thing glow in the blue light! Don't take our word for it, check out the videos and pictures.

"Legalish" stuff that helps protect our business:

Disclaimer: Since it is not possible to tell what damage existed before installing this mod, NinjaCamp cannot be held accountable for damage believed to be caused from our product. By purchasing this mod you agree not to hold NinjaCamp or its partners liable for playfield damage.

Warranty: NinjaCamp will replace this part at our cost if damage to the part occurs during the course of "normal usage". NinjaCamp has the right to define "normal usage" on a case by case basis.

Item photos

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