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Golden Tee Ball Dust Cover

Item description

Keep your ball clean. Golden Tee ball dust covers. While playing it will hang on the side of your game :)

I also have a GT drink holder so buy both and save on shipping.

Item photos

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AE38D286-CD4E-4B4A-A220-E35CFCFBC908_1_105_c (resized).jpeg
0D03E370-C088-4BEB-AC4F-F210E332A5AE_1_105_c (resized).jpeg
356E4AED-06CA-49C4-8644-80E6EC405941_1_105_c (resized).jpeg
71F7EDC9-5241-47DD-97BE-573C4161E809_1_105_c (resized).jpeg
D6589CE2-7AA0-4944-B10B-05713C0390B7_1_105_c (resized).jpeg
FC8BFE7C-EBDE-42CA-818E-7CE68DFD2227_1_105_c (resized).jpeg
8D5B2746-C6A0-4A0B-BA63-45395678C88E_1_105_c (resized).jpeg
F7BB010E-1C79-4686-8D5E-32ABDAB05322_1_105_c (resized).jpeg

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