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Hot Wheels Topper

Item description

Hot Wheels topper with a color changing LED lights. This is plug and play and plugs right in the backbox. The Hot Wheels sign is wood.

Item photos

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41AFEB0C-F495-40FA-925A-2C23412CF716_1_105_c (resized).jpeg
5CC1F729-7225-49C4-8B08-65121BE0E476_1_105_c (resized).jpeg
895E07FD-2F7E-40EB-BF3E-9E78C67EAB5B_1_105_c (resized).jpeg
8FB96134-8BC6-4376-8FCA-DD974ABCED22_1_105_c (resized).jpeg
A36FAF14-40BF-4357-951A-266FFB8E6928_1_105_c (resized).jpeg
CAB2967F-736A-4D95-B948-2535E37D2D2A_1_105_c (resized).jpeg
F6B5FF55-E131-49C8-9C52-59DB2C86C917_1_105_c (resized).jpeg

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