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Spike-2 DIY 5.25 speaker adapters - Stern

Item description

NOTE: New Design. The design of this mod has been changed slightly based on feedback from customers. The changes allow for more clearance on the sides in order to install larger speakers and/or DIY lighting kits and still maintain clearance from the edge molding on the Stern cabinets. Mount with the arrows pointing inward towards the display for maximum clearance. Only the first two pictures below show the newer version of the item.

**** Note: These adapters may or may not be compatible with the SPIKE 2 speaker lighting kits from . If you plan on lighting your speakers, it is suggested that you buy the SPIKE 2 5.25" speaker plates from rather than using these adapters. ****

These are DIY adapter rings that allow removing the cheap 4.5 inch stock speakers from Stern Spike 2 Pro and Premium machines and installing a set of 5.25 inch speakers. Includes all of the mounting hardware and comes with mounting studs pre-attached to the rings. All you have to do is remove the existing speaker, install the adapter rings, transfer the wire from the stock speakers to the new upgraded speakers and install the new speakers. More detailed instructions in the pdf file below.

Recommended speakers that have been tested to fit:

- Kenwood KFC-1366S 250 Watt 5.25-Inch Coaxial 2 Way. These are used in many Stern LEs. These can be found for less than $40 at many retailers including Amazon. These speakers are slim enough to fit the right side of the backbox without hitting the power supply enclosure and on the front side the tweeter doesn't extend forward to hit the grill.

- Alpine S-S50 speakers. These are a little more expensive than the Kenwoods, but they definitely sound better and fuller. They can be found for around $60 or less if you find a sale. They are worth the extra money if you are looking for big rich sound.

This mod is for someone who likes DIY and is looking for great bang for the buck sound upgrade. Backbox speakers make a big difference. For even more impact an external subwoofer would be the next step. THERE ARE OTHER SOLUTIONS IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR REALLY BIG SOUND FOR A MUSIC PIN. I RECOMMEND EXPLORING OTHER OPTIONS AND VENDORS IF YOU ARE NOT INTO DIY OR YOU WANT REALLY LOUD AND HI-FIDELITY SOUND AND A CORRESPONDING HIGHER COST.

This mod will also work on SPIKE 1 and earlier games with the 4.5 inch OEM speakers by enlarging the holes, however it is only recommended for SPIKE 2. The reason for this is SPIKE 2 games do not have crossover network circuitry found in the earlier games to complicate the electrical installation. Also, SPIKE 2 has separate volume control, 4-to-8 ohm switch and 10-band equalizers in the on screen menus for the backbox and cabinet speakers. All of this combines to a safe and easy installation with the ability to tweak the backbox sound in the menus separately from the cabinet/sub speaker.

** This is a fairly simple installation for SPIKE 2. Installation of this product requires the appropriate tools and skills to ensure proper function. If you are a beginner, it is suggested that you have an experienced technician assist you with the installation. ALWAYS POWER THE MACHINE OFF BEFORE PERFORMING A MOD INSTALLATION. Not recommended for SPIKE 1 or earlier except by experienced audio technicians.

**** In the spirit of DIY, this item is available on Thingiverse for free download for personal use and printing on a 3D printer. Search "stern pinball speaker adapter" ****

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Instructions.pdf (PDF preview)

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