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Gottlieb EM Light Divider replaces C-16484

Item description

These light dividers are used in a number of Gottlieb EMs in order to light up an area on the backglass, usually a "100,000" near the score reels which denotes a single rollover. These are usually burned melted and discolored due to heat and age. Whether the original is badly damaged or not, replacing with this bright white new one actually makes it the light look a little cleaner and whiter through the backglass. Should work on many of the games that have scoring up to 199,990.

We made these for restorations since the originals are not available. This is a from-scratch CAD re-design. These are made out of PETG, which is stronger and more heat resistant than the standard 3D prints made using "PLA". This has been tested with a #44 bulb lit non-stop for 72 hours with no signs of melting. Even still, it is recommended to be used with a retro LED or #47 lamp to provide the correct level of light along with extra longevity by reducing heat.

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