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Free Play Apron Decal - Star Wars

Item description

I never liked the wasted space of the epilepsy warning, so created these for my machines. Install at your own risk! They can go other places for sure if you want to keep the warning! Choose between three designs for Star Wars, one for Led Zeppelin and one generic that should fit on most of the newer Stern games. More games to come. Price is $9 including shipping ($11 international). Printed on vinyl material with mild glue. It can be removed without damage to the apron or leaving nasty residue behind. Check out our other items in the main store page.

Installation instructions to help install it nice and straight:

Item photos

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20210413_2234321 (resized).jpg
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20210413_223244 (resized).jpg
20210413_223649 (resized).jpg
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Yoda Free Play it is. Yes. In stock

$ 9.00

The Force Is Strong with this one. In stock

$ 9.00

Speeder with Luke In stock

$ 9.00

Generic: Free Play In stock

$ 9.00

Led Zeppelin - No Quarter In stock

$ 9.00


From $ 9.00

Price depends on selected item variation.

Free shipping! (International $ 2.00)

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