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Star Wars Left Outlane Corrector - Now in PETG

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** Update: The new revision of this mod is made out of PETG, which is a tougher material than the original PLA. The design is also reinforced with a bigger, thicker base. The new version will play the same as the old version, just stronger!! **

Some might call this replacement post a "cheater", but for mediocre players like me it makes the game a lot more playable and fun. This post doesn't close off the outlane or anything extreme. It simply changes the geometry by making the post bigger and moving it outward to deflect those long looping drain balls. There is still plenty of gap to lose the ball. You will notice that there are less cheap drains out the left side and it helps balance the number of balls lost on the left and right.

So if you, your family and/or guests are frustrated by the difficulty of this game, this might be the ticket for you. The mod includes the mounting hardware and includes a black rubber ring. This mod is completely reversible. There is no need to drill or modify the game in any way. Installs in two of the existing holes for the adjustable outlane post. Simply remove the existing post and install the new one using the supplied hardware. As with all modifications, power the machine off prior to the installation. This is a beginner level modification. Do not attempt any modification that is above your skill level without assistance from an experienced technician.

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