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Stormtrooper helmets on spikes

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Stormtrooper Helmets on Spikes mod!

The mod fits right on top of the shooter lane plastic with no modification needed.

The Helmet mod is resin based printed and painstaking hand painted put together piece by piece with steel shafts for spikes. This greatly increases the rigidity of this mod. The latest version of the mod has been in our league machine with no issues, thus far. With that being said though, I'm sure that randomness can happen and a decapitation might be in the future....so I'm including a replacement helmet just in case.

There will be 2 versions available per your preference: a painted full version or just the primed version for those who want to have the enjoyment of painting their own mini stormtrooper helmets. The painted version takes me close to 2 hrs to build out once it comes off the printer. Each painted version will be different, no 2 pieces will be the same...from the helmets height/angel, paint wash that's used and final ropes that are added. Every piece that is made will be 1 of a kind!

This model fits all version of the Mandalorian.

The painted version will $70.00

The primed version will be $40.00

Shipping inside the United States will be 10.00, anyone outside the U.S. please PM for proper shipping quote.

Tom D

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$ 70.00

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