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Black Panther AIQ mod

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This will be the final installment for AIQ from Diddy Mod's.

The Black panther mountain was my original brainstorm idea that started this modding adventure, and after many self taught lessons in 3d modeling and a few mods in between, I'm finally able to you this.

The model is designed to be tucked into the back right orbit and for ball to pass under it from both shooter lane and right orbit after it passes under the panther legs it will continue into Mount Bashenga. Each model will be hand painted and clear coated with UV protectant clear and will have a purple led strip included. The right side will have a felt protector for anyone that has mirror blades or graphics to protect against any scratches that my happen.

The cost on these is going to be 150.00 plus 15.00 for shipping inside the states, if you are out the state please contact me for a proper quote.

Ps. This mod will only work for LE / Premium owners

Thanks again
Tom D

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$ 150.00

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