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Lamp Control Mod for Arkenstone Start Button

Item description

This lighting mod is intended to be an enhancement for the incredible Arkenstone start button designed, developed, handcrafted, and sold by Bill at

By default, your original JJP Hobbit start button lamp is wired to "blink" on and off, which doesn't suit the Arkenstone very well, although Bilbo would have surely found the stone more easily if it had blinked....

Anyway - this mod makes use of an unused connector with continuous 12V power and adds an inline controller that enables you to control how you'd like your Arkenstone lamp to behave. By default, I'll have the controller set to a subtle random pulsing mode, but the controller has hundreds of possible settings from a simple 'steady on' lamp at a selectable brightness to flashing at selectable speeds.

Once you have the playfield up, installation takes less than 30 seconds.

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