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Mandalorian Flipper Toppers

Item description

Tired of people flipping their Mandalorian LEs before even unboxing them? Well don't worry! Now you can start flipping too with these custom 3D printed and hand-painted Mandalorian flipper toppers on your game! Go for the classic hand-painted Ambian Rifle, or the Beskar inspired paint job. 30$ per pair, each comes with 3M double stick tape ready to go on your new machine.

Flipper Toppers are made to order, so please expect 1 to 3 weeks prior to shipment.

Item photos

IMG_5347 (resized).jpg
IMG_5348 (resized).jpg
IMG_5350 (resized).jpg

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Pick a variation

Classic hand-painted Ambian Rifle In stock

$ 30.00

Beskar inspired In stock

$ 30.00

Both Classic and Beskar (4 flipper toppers total) In stock

$ 50.00

Pro Option: 2 Classic and 1 Beskar (3 flipper toppers total) In stock

$ 38.00


From $ 30.00

Price depends on selected item variation.

Ships for $ 12.00 This item does not ship internationally.


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