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The original Red Barchetta mod: road/bridge, lights optional

Item description

~~Please read entire description before ordering.~~
***NOTE: All waitlisters have been fulfilled. This listing will now show current available stock in the 'Car + Scene' option. ***

Way back in posts 2567 and 2699 of the Rush Reveal & Preorders thread, I announced that Rocket City Pinball was developing a Red Barchetta mod, in two different versions -- a "one lane bridge" (which, per the song lyrics, is used to leave the giant gleaming alloy air cars stranded at the riverside), and a "curved section of road that could mount in the top left corner over the curved ramp". Soon, documenting its development moved to a thread of its own (reference The day job, real life in general, and my other Rush mods slowed its development, but the time has finally come!

With my Red Barchetta mod, you receive:
- a hi-fidelity die-cast officially-licensed Ferrari 166 model; there are several different 166 models out there in this size, and in my opinion this is the nicest one
- a 3D printed scene type of your choice -- road scene with just asphalt, road scene with grassy shoulder, or one-lane bridge in your choice of 5 colors
- optional lit headlights -- "interactive" when used with the road scene (ties into Super Jackpot light), or mostly "passive" when used with the bridge scene (ties into GI, that does blink off/on occasionally). All necessary hardware included.
- optional 3D printed roadside signs -- available only with grassy shoulder, in four different sign designs
- optional 'weathering' of the bridge, performed by hand by another Pinsider

Pricing structure:
The pricing structure and variations may seem confusing, so let me explain:
- First, I apologize for the "Starting at $10.00" on the item thumbnail -- this is not intended to be misleading; the shop setup automatically grabs the lowest price 'variation' and uses that. My variations are configurations/add-ons, so it's just grabbing the cheapest option.
- Since the cars are in limited supply, I need to set up this listing with quantity limits, so I don't oversell more cars than I have.
- The configurations, however, can be printed at any time -- but the shop setup can't allow me to have limited stock of the cars but unlimited stock of the configurations/options -- so those will just show at ~100 available.
- Therefore, to configure your mod, I've set up a generic 'car + scene' with an arbitrary price (whose stock will be limited to the cars I have available) -- you MUST pick this option with your order, then add on the specific scenes & options to configure it how you want.
- For example, to order the corner road scene with grassy shoulder and Snakes & Arrows sign, you would order Car + scene ($60), Scene type: road & grass mount ($35), and Option: Snakes & Arrows sign ($10), for a total of $105 plus shipping.

- Q: How do I install these, and will I need any special skills or tools? In particular, with the lit headlights? A: I have made how-to-install videos to walk you through the installation process -- they're here in this listing. They very simple to install! With lit headlights, I've taken care of all the soldering/wirework necessary, so all you'll need for installation are a few basic tools and the kits that I provide.

- Q: Is hardware included? A: Yes! With the road-only version, you receive 3 black screws and 2 black washers. With the road/grass version, you receive 3 long silver screws. With the lighted version of road-only or road/grass, you also receive a custom 3D printed bulb mount, special bulb, and gold screws & washers to clean up the Super Jackpot sign. The bridge requires no hardware for installation, but the lighted version includes a bulb and a zip tie. Reference installation videos for more details!

- Q: What's the difference in the bridge colors? A: I have five different colors available -- sandstone, brick, stone, marble, and gray. Gray is a flat solid-color material, whereas the other four all have dark 'flake' in the material to give it a more realistic/life-like look. See the photos in this listing for a closer look.

- Q: I don't like layer lines on 3D prints, can you see the layer lines? A: If you look closely enough, sure. Are they visible from the player's distance/perspective? Barely, if at all. I print most of my parts at very fine resolution (i.e., very thin layers) to improve their visual quality and minimize visible layer lines (which results in longer print times, of course). However, if you look closely enough you may see layer lines inherent to FDM printing. Remember, if you look closely enough at anything, you'll find imperfections!

- Q: Why does the bridge cost so much more? A: The bridge I've designed has a lot of intricate detail -- separate bricks, archways, uneven surfaces, etc. -- and therefore takes TWENTY-TWO HOURS to print. Due to the significantly longer print time -- tying up one of the printers for nearly a full day -- and also for the use of additional material, the bridge necessitates a higher price.

- Q: Why does the weathering cost so much more? A: Another artistic Pinsider has offered this service, so I am making this an available option and paying him for his services. It involves my sending the bridge to him, he then takes several hours of his time to artificially 'weather' it by hand, and then he repacks it to ship on to you. The additional cost for the weathering covers the amount I've agreed to pay him per bridge, the second shipment in the process, and a little extra to cover the extra fees I will incur (that he will not).

- Q: Do you warranty this? A: I warranty all of my products and will replace them for you if they ever break, EXCEPT for the car model. By purchasing this mod, you acknowledge that the car itself is a true model with breakable parts, and by putting it inside a pinball machine you accept the risk of damage by airball, etc. The placement in the game is such that getting hit with an airball is unlikely, but not impossible. Again, the cars are in limited supply (and aren't exactly cheap), so I will not replace a damaged car. I will replace a damaged bridge, road, or sign if required.

- Q: Do you have other Rush mods? A: Yes! I also have 3D start buttons, 3D coin reject buttons, the Presto mod (rabbit/hat), the Signals mod (dalmatian/hydrant), the Super Jackpot Cleanup Kit, and Hardware Cleanup kit!

Installation instructions, road / road & grass scenes:

Installation instructions, one-lane bridge scenes:

Thank you for reading this far, and thank you for supporting Rocket City Pinball throughout the development of these mods!

Item photos

Thumbnail (resized).jpg
SignOptions (resized).jpg
RB_RCP_corner5 (resized).jpg
RB_RCP_corner3 (resized).jpg
RoadOnly (resized).jpg
RB_RCP_corner7 (resized).jpg
LitRoad (resized).jpg
BridgeColors (resized).jpg
Bridges (resized).jpg
BrickAbove2 (resized).jpg
LitBridge (resized).jpg
RB_RCP_corner1 (resized).jpg
RB_RCP_corner4 (resized).jpg
RB_RCP_corner6 (resized).jpg
SandstoneAbove (resized).jpg
Weathered (resized).jpg
Weathered_Installed (resized).jpg
model1 (resized).png
model2 (resized).png

Order now!

Pick a variation

Car + scene (must purchase this; add scene/options below) 0 in stock
$ 60.00
Scene type: road-only mount 1 in stock
$ 20.00
Scene type: road + grass mount 0 in stock
$ 35.00
Scene type: Sandstone one-lane bridge 0 in stock
$ 80.00
Scene type: Brick one-lane bridge 1 in stock
$ 80.00
Scene type: Stone one-lane bridge 1 in stock
$ 80.00
Scene type: Marble one-lane bridge 1 in stock
$ 80.00
Scene type: Gray one-lane bridge 1 in stock
$ 80.00
Option (any scene type): Lit headlights w/ setup kit 0 in stock
$ 60.00
Option (for road w/ grass only): Snakes and Arrows sign 0 in stock
$ 10.00
Option (for road w/ grass only): 'One Lane Bridge' sign 1 in stock
$ 10.00
Option (for road w/ grass only): Working Man sign 1 in stock
$ 10.00
Option (for road w/ grass only): R40 sign 1 in stock
$ 10.00
Option (for bridge only): Weathering (see pics) 1 in stock
$ 50.00


From $ 10.00

Price depends on selected item variation.

Ships for $ 8.00 (International $ 23.00)


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