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Rush Signals mod - Dalmatian / Hydrant Flasher Dome

Item description

Any Rush fan will immediately recognize the significance of a dalmatian and a fire hydrant, as a reference to the Signals album cover!

I noticed there were several of the chunky red flasher domes in the game layout, and also noticed the right side of the playfield looks a little empty and needed a toy to balance it out. Inspiration struck when I realized I could replace one of the flasher domes with a fire hydrant, and took it a few steps further to make a full Signals scene! Using a 3D-printed hydrant (thanks to angrysquirrel / Mike Smith for the great model which I further modified), a pre-manufactured resin dalmatian model, and a custom-designed 3D-printed mount, I present Rocket City Pinball's Signals mod!

I print the hydrant in translucent red so it lights up when it flashes. The appearance is challenging to capture in photos, so please see the various videos below for a better look. The custom mount has a 'step' built in to provide adequate clearance for the dog -- he was a smidge too tall to clear the glass. The bottom of the mount has thin felt attached, to provide a soft surface in contact with the plastic ramp piece.

Three different mount options are available, since folks have different preferences. See pictures attached to this listing and videos below:
- Grass mount, with a contoured/wavy surface to look more natural, all around the hydrant and under the dog.
- Metallic mount, printed with shiny metallic filament (plastic, not actual metal), to match the metallic features in the game.
- Hybrid mount, with the top level (around the hydrant) in metallic, with the lower level (dog platform) in the contoured grass.




The dog comes pre-attached the mount, and the hydrant is integrated during the installation process. Speaking of which, here are the installation instructions -- very simple, ~6 minute installation process:

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Item photos

SignalsThumbnail3 (resized).jpg
MountTypes (resized).jpg
SignalsAndPresto (resized).jpg
GrassMount5 (resized).jpg
GrassMount4 (resized).jpg
GrassMount2 (resized).jpg
GrassMount3 (resized).jpg
HybridMount2 (resized).jpg
HybridMount1 (resized).jpg
HybridMount3 (resized).jpg
MetMount1 (resized).jpg
MetMount2 (resized).jpg

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Dalmatian and hydrant with metallic mount In stock

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Dalmatian and hydrant with hybrid mount In stock

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