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Steel* Posts (to beautify playfields!) (* -not actual steel)

Item description

As featured at Pinball Expo 2020!

Refresh & personalize your game with custom color posts from Rocket City Pinball! The 3D-printed "Steel" Posts -- made from a deep silver metallic-colored plastic filament which prints with the color & sheen of stainless steel -- will be a beautiful addition to games with many habitrails, metal parts, or similar color artwork & decorative plastics. To be clear: these posts are not made from real steel -- they are plastic that LOOKS like steel.

Rocket City Pinball has designed the custom 3D model for this post, and has refined the specific print parameters to maximize its smoothness and shine.

Posts available in 1", 1-1/16", and 1-1/8"; please inquire for other sizes. NOTE: 90s era Williams games utilized a larger hole diameter than posts used in other games, so I have a separate variation included below. If you're not sure, PM me and we'll sort it out!

Ordering notes:
- Minimum order of 10 posts -- orders of less than 10 will be cancelled and will need to be re-processed.
- Shipping is combined for all posts in one order.
- 3D printed parts may have subtle surface imperfections inherent to the manufacturing process; only satisfactory posts will be shipped.
- Parts are custom printed per order, please allow time for processing.
- Colors on monitors/phones may not be consistent; returns are only allowed -- at the buyer's expense -- if the color match is unsatisfactory.

Item photos

Steel (resized).jpg
BoP_gamedoc (resized).jpg
T2kit_lanes_RCP (resized).jpg
Mando_beskarposts (resized).jpg
Xenon_cust2 (resized).jpg
BoP_gamedoc2 (resized).jpg
Xenon_cust (resized).jpg
T2kit_BA2_RCP (resized).jpg
Mando_beskarposts1 (resized).jpg
T2kit_BA1_RCP (resized).jpg
Xenon_cust3 (resized).jpg

Order now!

Pick a variation

1" Steel (Plastic) Post In stock

$ 1.25

1-1/16" Steel (Plastic) Post (replaces non-WMS star-posts) In stock

$ 1.50

1-1/16" Steel (Plastic) Post (Wiliiams larger-diameter hole) In stock

$ 1.50

1-1/8" Steel (Plastic) Post In stock

$ 1.50

Conjoined "Siamese" Steel (Plastic) Double-Post In stock

$ 6.50


From $ 1.25

Price depends on selected item variation.

Ships for $ 5.00 (International $ 17.00)

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Mods > Playfield - Other


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