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Rainbow Posts - for Wizard of Oz or any super colorful game!

Item description

Colored posts from Rocket City -- as featured at Pinball Expo 2020!

Refresh & personalize your game with custom color posts from Rocket City Pinball! Plain generic posts are boring. Enhance the artwork and appearance of your game by adding a complementary splash of color with these 3D-printed posts!

Rocket City Pinball has designed the custom 3D model for this post, and has refined the specific print parameters to perfect its smoothness and shape.

These posts were created with Wizard of Oz in mind, with all the rainbow references. Willy Wonka would also be a great candidate!

Per the manual found at , most of the WOZ posts are 1-1/16" height. Note: these posts have a slightly larger diameter & footprint than the OEM skinny posts, but this size post appears to be a common replacement for those dealing with the infamous paint chips. If you install these near playfield switches, these switches may require very slight adjustment.)

The printing process involves six filament changes to create the complex stripe pattern seen in the photos, and are printed with 50% infill to ensure adequate strength. Please inquire for different color combinations.

Ordering notes:
- Minimum order of 2.
- Shipping is combined for all posts in one order.
- 3D printed parts may have subtle surface imperfections inherent to the manufacturing process; only satisfactory posts will be shipped.
- Parts are custom printed per order, please allow time for processing.
- Colors on monitors/phones may not be consistent; returns are only allowed -- at the buyer's expense -- if the color match is unsatisfactory.

Item photos

Rainbow_RCP (resized).jpg
WOZ_rainbow1 (resized).jpg
WOZ_rainbow2 (resized).jpg
e742a97f23f31835fe8bdbf128ecb9fc4eec4894 (resized).jpg
45eb9384799a36641f9c4020de1098988043eef8 (resized).jpg

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Rainbow Post - 1" (short) In stock

$ 5.75

Rainbow Post - 1-1/16" standard hole (replaces star post) In stock

$ 6.50

Rainbow Post - 1-1/16" large hole (used in JJP and 90s WMS) In stock

$ 6.50

Rainbow Post - 1-1/8" (tall) In stock

$ 6.75


From $ 5.75

Price depends on selected item variation.

Ships for $ 5.00 (International $ 0.00)

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Mods > Playfield - Other


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