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Scoop Bulb Covers for Jurassic Park (DE)

Item description

I'm the first to admit it -- the Loop Combo backlit signs are awesome! If you've got $85 (plus bulbs) to spend, by all means, buy that set.

If you're interested in a less expensive alternative that's still way nicer than stock, then try the JP Scoop Bulb Covers from Rocket City Pinball!

These bulb covers are 3D printed from translucent filament which light up beautifully with whatever color bulb you choose. No modification to the bulb supports or sockets are required (though I do recommend you rotate the sockets upward slight to face you directly). The raised designs representing the Bunker/Visitor Center, Control Room, and Power Shed are printed in black -- using a mid-print filament change to ensure they're fused together -- to contrast with the light. (Photos shown in this listing are the previous version where the top face was painted. New pics coming soon!) The covers are designed to fit snugly over a Comet non-ghosting 1SMD wedge bulb (ordering bulbs is optional, if you have your own.) I add a dab of hot glue to secure them in the proper orientation (removable should the bulb ever fail).

How to order:
- Add a set of the lenses
- Bulbs -- if you have the correct bulbs already (Comet NG 1SMD wedge), then you don't need to add them to your order -- just install them yourself! Otherwise, add the specific bulb colors & quantities and I will install them in the covers for you! **NOTE: If you choose multiple colors, you must include a message explaining which color you want in which cover!

See photos for various color options!

Item photos

BulbCovers1 (resized).jpg
multiple (resized).jpg
BulbCovers2 (resized).jpg
BulbCovers3 (resized).jpg
BulbCovers4 (resized).jpg
BulbCovers5 (resized).jpg
BulbCovers6 (resized).jpg
Colors1 (resized).jpg
Colors2 (resized).jpg
Colors3 (resized).jpg

Order now!

Pick a variation

Scoop Bulb Covers, set of 3 In stock

$ 20.00

Yellow bulb installed (Comet NG 1SMD wedge) In stock

$ 1.50

Amber bulb installed (Comet NG 1SMD wedge) In stock

$ 1.50

Blue bulb installed (Comet NG 1SMD wedge) In stock

$ 1.50

Red bulb installed (Comet NG 1SMD wedge) In stock

$ 1.50

Green bulb installed (Comet NG 1SMD wedge) In stock

$ 1.50

Natural White bulb installed (Comet NG 1SMD wedge) In stock

$ 1.50


From $ 1.50

Price depends on selected item variation.

Ships for $ 4.50 (International $ 15.00)

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Mods > Playfield - Other


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