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Matchbox Explorer & Jeep Mounts for Jurassic Park (DE)

Item description

Hold onto your butts -- introducing custom mounts for the iconic Jurassic Park vehicles, from Rocket City Pinball!

Matchbox manufactured high-quality versions of the famous colorful Ford Explorer tour vehicles and the gas Jeeps driven by the staff -- and they're perfectly sized to "drive" along the ramp in the game! I've designed custom 3D printed mounts for each vehicle, for mounting in two different locations.
"Upper" mount -- where the plastic ramp converts into habitrail and crosses over the playfield. The mount slides/clips onto the end of the plastic ramp (and stays put via compression fit), so you don't need to drill holes in your priceless ramp!
"Lower" mount -- at the end of the ramp at the left inlane. The mount attaches at the two existing screws holding the ramp protector.

All mounts are designed to support the vehicles snugly without glue, and provide clearance for the ball (obviously). See the many photos included in this listing!

Ordering info:
- Choose your vehicle(s)
- Choose your mount type (location) for each vehicle
- You may order multiple mounts to allow for flexibility/options
- You may order mount(s) without vehicles (if you have/buy your own vehicle), but in this case I cannot guarantee vehicle fitment to mount.
- You may NOT order vehicle(s) without mount(s)

Item photos

JP_ExpL-JeepU (resized).jpg
JP_ExpL1 (resized).jpg
JP_ExpL2 (resized).jpg
JP_ExpL3 (resized).jpg
JP_ExpU2 (resized).jpg
JP_ExpU3 (resized).jpg
JP_JeepL3 (resized).jpg
JP_JeepU1 (resized).jpg
JP_JeepU2 (resized).jpg
JP_JeepU3 (resized).jpg
JP_TruckMounts (resized).jpg

Order now!

Pick a variation

Explorer vehicle In stock

$ 15.00

Jeep vehicle In stock

$ 10.00

Upper mount for Explorer In stock

$ 15.00

Upper mount for Jeep In stock

$ 15.00

Lower mount for Explorer In stock

$ 15.00

Lower mount for Jeep In stock

$ 15.00


From $ 10.00

Price depends on selected item variation.

Ships for $ 6.00 (International $ 20.00)


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