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X-Men: Stealth Blackbird Plane for Pro or Limited

Item description

Part: A static Blackbird Plane Replica for your Stern X-Men Pinball Machine. With fit on both Pro and Limited Edition Models.

Purpose: To showcase and add more presence to the Blackbird Scoop, but mostly eye-candy. Because I wanted to add some more fun and a higher detailed Blackbird Plane to this X-men theme pinball machine.

Giving Cause: All proceeds will be donated to help the Project Pinball Charity complete their mission.

I really enjoy my X-men Pro model pinball machine by Stern. I think it is quite cool, but I wanted to add more focus to the blackbird scoop, at the same time, to make it more over the top and add to the X-men motif. What better way than to add the very iconic and stealthy Blackbird Plane that was modeled after the version seen in the X-men movies.

Install Time: 3 minutes. This Blackbird Mod is quite easy to install. Just unscrew the back right fastener that holds the Blackbird scoop plastic. Position the Blackbird base fastener hole over this plastic and the post underneath. Once the Blackbird base and plastic are in place, re-install the screw to hold in place. Take care, not to over-tighten base and plastic. No permanent alterations or damage to any parts or to the playfield.

SIDE NOTE! I did add a purple 3 segmented LED strip (from Comet pinball) on the underside of my Blackbird Plane. It looks fantastic as it lights up with feature Blackbird scoop light. THIS LED KIT IS NOT INCLUDED! I was adding this note only as a suggestion that it can be made, easy to construct, and adds a great lighting effect.

Item photos

20200629_134634 (resized).jpg
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