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Williams Whitewater - Ice Blue Mountain Set (Set/6) NEW

Item description

Williams - White Water Pinball - Ice Blue Whitewater Mod Mountain Sets -- Available Again! Set of 6 Ice Blue Snow Mountain set for Whitewater - These are formed from the original molds as the Brown Whitewater mountains - but in an ICE BLUE with White Snow Mountain background. A popular modification to the Whitewater game. Includes same signage as original. - Licensed item and available for a limited time. Due to the unusual dimensions of this item I must use an oversize box with lots of packing materials to ship this item. Hence the increased shipping cost. Yes it does cost this much! Sorry!

Item photos

ICE_MTN1_274x232 (resized).jpg
MTN1_274x252 (resized).jpg
MTN2 (resized).jpg
MTN3 (resized).jpg
MTN4_274x73 (resized).jpg
MTN5_274x84 (resized).jpg
MTN6_274x107 (resized).jpg

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Williams Whitewater - Ice Blue Mountain Set (Set/6) NEW In stock

$ 189.00


$ 189.00

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In stock


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