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Flash Gordon Drop Target Decals

Item description

Feeling miserable? Improve your mood with these replacement target decals.

Feeling brave? UpKick your inline drops with custom target decals that terrify by featuring the wood beast's stinger. They come in your choice of black or white vinyl.

If you have replaced your original drop targets with ones that do not have the traditional soldier imprinted on them, then these decals are for you! Cut from black vinyl, these decals come with mylar already applied over them to protect from wear.

Ships in an envelope with a forever stamp.

UpKick also offers custom apron cards, pop bumper decals, spinner decals, and coin door inserts for Flash Gordon in our shop.

Item photos

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FG Target Decal Set of 11 - Black In stock

$ 10.00

FG Target Decal Set of 8 - Black In stock

$ 7.00

FG Stinger Target Decal Set of 4 - Black In stock

$ 4.00

FG Stinger Target Decal Set of 4 - White In stock

$ 4.00


From $ 4.00

Price depends on selected item variation.

Ships for $ 0.50 (International $ 5.00)


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