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CobraPin Serial RGB LED Insert Sticks

Item description

CobraPin works well with WS2812 serial LEDs, so here are some LED boards to illuminate your inserts with full color.

These come in a panel of 50 boards that you break apart as you need them. Each board has 1x WS2812 RGB LED, input and output connection points for either soldered wires or your own 0.1" or 2.5mm connectors, and a hole to mount it.

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Item photos

InsertSticks_small (resized).JPG
IMG_0383 (resized).JPG
IMG_0384 (resized).JPG

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50x Serial RGB LED Insert Sticks Panel 28 in stock

$ 32.00

25x Serial RGB LED Insert Sticks Panel 10 in stock

$ 20.00


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Ships for $ 5.00 (International $ 20.00)

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