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CobraPin Xpansion Board

Item description

THIS IS A BETA VERSION BOARD. The board is offered at a lower price due to that fact. Please ask questions before purchase if anything is unclear.

This is an Xpansion board meant to be used along with the CobraPin Pinball Controller and Mission Pinball Framework (MPF).

The purpose of the Xpansion board is to make it easier for people to control existing machines with flashers and matrix controlled lamps.

It offers:
- 8x8 Light Matrix compatible with incandescent or LED bulbs
- 8 coil drivers for solenoids, flashers, motors, etc.
- 8 direct switch inputs
- Fuses for solenoid banks and Light Matrix
- Easy replacement of at-risk components

Further descriptions and details on Pinball Makers:

Older version (v0.01) boards are available still as beta, no warranty, boards. These boards differ from the v0.02 boards:
1. Mounting holes are only M3 (#4) sized
2. Fuses are too close to power connector so you cannot use the fuse covers.
3. Labels were updated to look better in v0.02.



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Xpansion_v0_02_small (resized).JPG

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