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CobraPin Pinball Controller

Item description

A pinball controller for DIY use with Mission Pinball Framework and based on the Open Pinball Project. Use it to build your own original game or overhaul your existing game with new lights and rules!

It started as a Kickstarter project here:

- 24 coil drivers for solenoids, flashers, motors, etc. Outputs are broken out into 3 banks of 8 outputs.
- 38 direct switch inputs <OR> 22 direct inputs and an 8x8 switch matrix
- Neopixel support for 512 RGB or RGBW LEDs
- 24-50V power filter. Board also provides the common ground for the supplies.
- Fuses for solenoid banks and Neopixels
- Relay Control Output for common dual relay boards
- Easy replacement of at-risk components

Further descriptions and details on Pinball Makers:

There are a limited number of pre-release old revision (1.01) boards available. These are available at a discount. They have all the same functionality as the release version except for the relay output connector (J15). They also have a board mod to bypass a load switch that was never used in the final design.

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