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Stargate RGB LED Ring Mod (PURPLE/WHITE)

Item description

Game interactive ring light mod for Gottlieb Stargate pinball. Rippling purple light in standard mode, sparkling white when standard game would normally be flashing. I also have a Blue/White version in another listing. If you want a different rippling color, ask prior to purchase.

- Mounting new ring
- Splicing 3x wires into your game
- Screwing control board into backbox panel

- RGB Ring Light with connector
- Control Board
- Input cable to splice into your game
- 9x zipties for mounting ring

YELLOW wire - 20V - Green/Gray/Gray (588) - On leftmost power resistor
BLUE wire - SOL 21 - Brown/Green/Green (155) - Part of the original rope light's two wire cable
GREEN wire - GND - White (9) - Goes to the connector on the auxiliary driver board

Check out the video and the picture of a sample control board installation.

Item photos

IMG_20200628_144304689 (resized).jpg
IMG_20200421_221935863 (resized).jpg
c0f3ea6a07efaaa96d587f85038701ff4c55c791 (resized).png
a15f2ad36c03ce997a7b450c522c0f8cfe96a2b5 (resized).jpg
4e98a1761fa5392d06d0a769cc9373776e7d20e5 (resized).jpg
5415179a69daad366d29cde306d2041616e642f3 (resized).jpg

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Purple Stargate RGB LED Ring Out of stock
$ 75.00

2x Purple Stargate RGB LED Rings Out of stock
$ 140.00


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