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A Father's Wisdom: Iron Maiden Left Ramp Jump Guards

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Daedalus warned Icarus to not fly too close to the sun. On the left ramp wireform of my IMDN I was getting airballs in several places and even lipping out of the end of the ramp where the ball is supposed to drop down into the inlane. To combat that I designed these jump guards. Icarus can no longer fly too close to the sun and end up airballing (often into the left outlane) with these guards.

They are numbered 1 through 4 and the guard marked 1 is installed closest to the player, then they go in order up the wireform. The upper clip is installed above the nubs of the cross support of the wireform to keep the guard from sliding down. The dot indicating what number which guard is which is installed towards the player. There is some #6 chain that the ball grazes each time it passes and this dot makes it so the clasp is on the opposite side of the player. The chain should hang lower on the right side of the guard.

The guards can be painted and if a different color chain is desired, it is #6. You can get gold, black, and likely a variety of other colors. If your wireform is slightly different than mine is and your chain is causing the ball stop on it's way down, you can undo the chain at the clasp and snip off one segment and see how that works out.

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