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Chexx Bubble Hockey Cup Holder

Item description

Pair of Chexx Bubble hockey cup holders that will work on Chexx, Super Chexx, and Super Chexx Pro games. I designed these as I wanted cup holders on my own game, hope that other people like them as well. If you want a set of 4, I also make ones that go on the back corner (hinge side) that compensate for there only being one bolt.

Item photos

1F2465D7-683B-4B6D-8EDF-B4CD6C955F1B (resized).jpeg
2693DDD4-C8A9-4D49-AE0B-550F265D16FD (resized).jpeg
3250A28F-95DF-407D-AC13-9615FF33616A (resized).jpeg
5F3109AD-D36D-4EF3-AE6D-246059D0492F (resized).jpeg
6EFFCA04-9E77-4939-8870-9E34FFDF2833 (resized).jpeg
AB077C6D-7164-4B7D-981F-86AF680B7D3F (resized).jpeg
DA65C9B4-F81A-4E94-9FFE-55579EFB60C1 (resized).jpeg
FAA09107-3225-462F-80C2-D9D775CC354D (resized).jpeg

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