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PinLightShield Family

Item description

The PinLightShield Family is a set of boards that allow you to create your own pinball mods. It´s extensively documented and described in this pinside thread:

In short the boards allow you to directly monitor coils, flashers, insert lamps and use those input signals to create your own lightshow with LED strips or even control a shaker motor. The PinLightShield alone doesn´t allow you to monitor switches but there is an addon called SwitchShield which can monitor up to 6 switches in your pinball machine.

These are the various boards that are available:

PinLightShield: monitor coils, flashers, motors, insert lamps and control RGB LED strips, addressable LED strips, motors, shakers etc. with this board

SwitchShield: sits on top of the PinLightShield and can monitor up to 6 switches from the switch matrix

PinShield: combination of the two boards above on one PCB

PinLEDShield: displays the status of the Arduino output signals, useful for debugging your mods

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