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PoTC Spinning Pop Bumpers, Barrel & Character Upgrades - JJP

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Are you wanting to upgrade your SE with some really cool looking pop bumper barrels? Get in on that spinning action with a real Davy or Jack Neca character and custom, hand crafted and finished pop bumper barrels.

For SE games this is a complete retrofit to upgrade all of your pop bumpter toppers. For LE and CE models you can purchase just the barrel toppers so you will have a matching set of detailed barrels, ditching those plain plastic toppers.

SE models come pre-wired with motors and include all of the connections and fasteners needed to create a plug and play installation.

LE and CE models will come with the barrels ready for installation, replacing your existing ones.

The installation is fairly straight forward and requires minimal tools. Some playfield parts will need to be removed, including the launch ramp and the BP ramp, but these are easily set aside for the installation and put right back on. A socket/ratchet and a screw driver is pretty much all you need.

Choose between 3 character toppers (or no topper if you want to use your own, the original or go in another direction). All items are pre-assembled and ready to install. The heart and skull toppers are semi-transparent and let the GI lighting shine through. The character you choose will be hacked off at the waist (don't worry, they won't feel a thing) and slightly modified to fit within the constraints of the game and for proper spinning on the barrel. Most of the Jack characters will come with a hat, sword, gun and rum bottle.

Individual barrels can be purchased on our website at

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Davy Jones Set (SE Game) Almost out of stock

$ 455.00

Davy Jones Set (LE/CE Game) Almost out of stock

$ 425.00

Jack w/ Jacket Set (SE Game) Almost out of stock

$ 385.00

Jack w/ Jacket (LE/CE Game) Almost out of stock

$ 355.00

Jack Plain Set (SE Game) Almost out of stock

$ 385.00

Jack Plain Set (LE/CE Game) Almost out of stock

$ 355.00

Cannibal Jack Set (SE Game) Almost out of stock

$ 385.00

Cannibal Jack Set (LE/CE Game) Almost out of stock

$ 355.00


From $ 355.00

Price depends on selected item variation.

Ships for $ 10.00 (International $ 25.00)


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