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JJP POTC Black Pearl Stand-up Window Filler Mod

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Enhance your Jersey Jack Pinball - Pirates of the Caribbean game with this cool window that is added to your Black Pearl right between the stand-up targets. This detailed 3D printed model is hand painted to match the rest of the Black Pearl. A historically accurate design which showcases a translucent window which is lit with a flickering LED behind it to simlulate a candle or gas lamp. Easy plug and play installation for lighting and only a few nuts to put in place. Added benefit of this mod is that it protects the optical sensors (optos) for the two spinners, one of which can get bashed by the ball which coming up through the VUK. Use this to prevent broken optos.

Wiring is plug and play. The hardest part will be fishing the wires down through the ship, which can easily be done with a sturdy piece of wire or long kebob stick, etc.

The color of the light in the video below is yellow/amber. A white light will still have a bit of an amber hue to it as that is how the window "glass" is painted but will be much more "blueish white" than the one below.

**Note, these are currently being produced and will take 2-3 weeks to ship.

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