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Lord of the Rings (LOTR) Path of the Dead Etched Acrylic

Item description

Replacement Acrylic Plastic piece for The Path of the Dead. Will NOT FIT 2003 edition!
This piece is available for either adding figures or without figures.
It can be edge lit, or shows up nicely without any added light at all.
There are pictures of it installed on a game that has pinstadiums and without edge light with the figures (not included) and LED lights for the figures (not included).
I have a small stock on hand and make them to order. Turn around time should always be less than a week.
NEW INFO! This will NOT FIT the 2003 Machines. The posts are in a totally different place. (Look at the pictures for someone who didn't listen to me and did it anyway. LOL
Kudos to pinsider mjmpin. He also demonstrates that LED's may not me necessary.

Item photos

IMG_6617 (resized).jpg
IMG_6616 (resized).jpg
IMG_6614 (resized).jpg
IMG_6613 (resized).jpg
1 LOTR Path of the Dead No Path Add Figures (resized).jpg
2 LOTR Path of the Dead No Path No FIgures (resized).jpg
3 LOTR Path of the Dead With Path Add Figures (resized).jpg
4 LOTR Path of the Dead With Path No Figures (resized).jpg
LOTR POTD No LEDs on 2003 (resized).jpg

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Version 1 No Path/For Figures In stock

$ 39.50

Version 2 No Path/Not For Figures In stock

$ 39.50

Version 3 Yes Path/For Figures In stock

$ 39.50

Version 4 Yes Path/No Figures In stock

$ 39.50


From $ 39.50

Price depends on selected item variation.

Ships for $ 10.00 (International $ 20.00)


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