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Cactus Canyon Pinball Translite Art

Item description

Alternate Translite artwork of the Cactus Canyon pinball Backglass created by Brian Allen. Officially licensed from Williams!

Fits both the original Cactus Canyon pinball machine, and the new Chicago Gaming remake!
26.5″X18.375″ Tall. Measures to fit in any Cactus Canyon machine, or a lightbox (90’s WMS/Bally sizing). Looks beautiful when backlit!
White silk-screened backing produces very high illumination
Extra-thick, rigid Translite (thicker than most factory Translites, including Stern)
Signed by the artist, Brian Allen
Reverse-printed on firm, thick, flexible Translite material, with a silk-screened white backing.
I’m proud to present the artwork for my Alternate Cactus Canyon backglass and Translite! This is my most time-consuming and detailed design yet, and for me, the most challenging so far.

Also available as a Limited Edition 1/8″ Thick Acrylic Backglass for $225:

Check it out here

My Translites use a thicker material than the Translites produced by Stern and some other Pinball Manufacturers. They have a Silk-Screened White layer on the back to give them extra rigidity and helps them light up brilliantly.

Item photos

Cactus-Canyon-Translite-1-low-res (resized).jpg
Cactus-Canyon-Translite-10-low-res (resized).jpg
Cactus-Canyon-Translite-11-low-res (resized).jpg
Cactus-Canyon-Translite-2-low-res (resized).jpg
Cactus-Canyon-Translite-3-low-res (resized).jpg
Cactus-Canyon-Translite-4-low-res (resized).jpg
Cactus-Canyon-Translite-5-low-res (resized).jpg
Cactus-Canyon-Translite-6-low-res (resized).jpg
Cactus-Canyon-Translite-7-low-res (resized).jpg
Cactus-Canyon-Translite-8-low-res (resized).jpg
Cactus-Canyon-Translite-9-low-res (resized).jpg

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