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RUSH Owl Eye Light Bleed Blocker

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When I was young, my childhood friend Pema used to be a regular fixture around our house. When we would spend afternoons coloring, my amrgas, who seemed to be 1000 years old and had long given up caring what people thought of her, would shuffle by and croak out “there is no glory for a lazy person, however good looking.” I later came to learn this was an ancient proverb (probably more ancient than my amrgas, but I still can’t be sure). What she was doing was somewhat rudely commenting on the fact that Pema could not color inside the lines to save her life, and her good looks would not offset that laziness when she grew up. Pema would giggle and pretend to agree with her so she would go away, then continue murdering the picture she was coloring.

When I received the new RUSH LE and noticed that Stern had also “colored outside the lines” by using giant round faceted inserts below the owl eyes that were MUCH larger than the actual owl eye art, I was disappointed. When the inserts lit up, it illuminated an immense area around the owl’s eyes, destroying the illusion of piercing light coming from the owl eyes and looking much sloppier and lazy than anything Pema had turned out all those years ago in my childhood.

And so, I set about making an insert that would limit the light from the LED boards to ONLY the eye area on the owl, cleaning up the look and making the owl eyes impressively intense as they were no-doubt intended to be. After some trial and error, I hit upon just the right size and shape to achieve my goal. The piece I created pressed into the larger insert holes and reduced them to just the size of the owl eye. Success!

You can now have these same results by simply purchasing the kit I have made available that includes the light-blocking bracket, two slightly longer-than-stock screws, and simple instructions. And while I understand that this may be considered a lazy shortcut to success for your machine, my amrgas is long gone and will not trouble you for your transgression.

Oh, the main moral of this story? In case you were concerned, Pema is a very successful impressionist artist these days. It seems that some are good-looking and talented enough to overcome their "shortcomings." Others need a little help from me, which I am happy to provide.

The secondary moral? I should have saved those pictures Pema murdered...

Item photos

owl-eyes_before (resized).jpg
owl-eyes_after (resized).jpg
owl-eyes_before_after (resized).jpg
owl-eye-install-1 (resized).jpg
owl-eye-install-2 (resized).jpg

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