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Leg Bolt Protective Nylon Washer Set

Item description

When a new machine shows up, part of the unboxing process here is to apply nylon washers to every leg bolt so the action of tightening (or removing) the bolt doesn't chew up the beautiful powdercoating used so widely nowadays.

I did not realize this easy and effective protective method was not commonly known or practiced, but I highly recommend it. So I have taken it upon myself to make leg bolt washer kits available in colors (as well as black and also white for the minimalists out there). Each of these kits contains 8 nylon washers, which is enough for all the leg bolts on one pinball machine. Whatever color you choose, the protection these provide is the gift. The silent glances of reverence from your friends when they see the care you take with your chosen machines to the smallest detail is a bonus for which there is no additional charge.

Item photos

leg_bolt_washers_2000x (resized).jpg
nylon_washer_Installed (resized).jpg
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