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JJP Guns n Roses LE Badge Frame

Item description

When a new pinball machine completes its arduous journey through the pass and up the steep, treacherous mountain path to the monastery I have made my home, I am always relieved it made it in one piece, even if the box looks bad. It turns out, the shipping box will take a surprising amount of yak slobber without failing. I have found that yaks love the smell of new pinball machines, and have a 6th sense about when one is passing through. I do not fault them for this, they are yaks, after all.

After the machine is unpacked and I have attempted to tame the silverball for a while, I begin noticing areas that would benefit from improvements I am able to make. Light inserts, fans to quiet noise, and figurines to improve aesthetics and hide ugly screws. One thing I have noticed that is always is too plain for my taste is the badges on the different models of machines. It is unadorned and plain, and doesn’t really stand out from the black base of the speaker and screen enclosure. It reminds me of the proverb, “There are no incurable diseases, only incurable people.”

And so, I have finally taken the time to cure what ails the badge for the people that wish to improve their machine in such a way. To that end I have crafted a frame that will work for JJP Limited Edition machine badges that will allow the badge to integrate with the machine more fully while at the same time standing out more beautifully. It is a simple installation. One must simply unscrew the two screws, remove the badge and snap the badge into the frame, then re-attach the now-framed badge to the machine using the same screws. The effect Is quite stunning and the frame color matches the powdercoating on the LE.

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