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I have another batch of the clear acrylic captive balls for Pinball Magic.
These are made of strong petg slugs and rounded and polished to perfection.
Very Shiny, smooth and polished.
This is the correct size, and are larger than a standard pinball. 1 1/4 inches dia.

It's been several years since I offered the acrylic ball that goes in the captive ball for pinball magic.
Limited supply in stock after a 4 year absence!
These are stronger than originals and will take a long time to get cloudy and beat up.
I installed one in my PM about 5 years ago and it still looks new with several hundred games.

Item photos

Pinball Magic Acrylic Balls 007 (resized).JPG
Pinball Magic Clear Balls (resized).jpg

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$ 10.00

Ships for $ 5.00 (International $ 15.00)

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