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Wizard's Tower - Orthanc Mod for Lord of the Rings

Item description

Have you ever looked at that Orthanc tower in your Lord of the Rings pinball and said "That could look so much better. Why doesn't it look as good as the other tower, Barad-dûr?". Yeah, we had the same thought in exactly those words.

Our Wizard's Tower is the answer you have been looking for!

* Individually weathered and painted Wizard's Tower diorama
* 12v BLUE 3-LED lighting array (two facing up into the spires, one facing down casting shadows and creating highlights)
* Clear lens on top of diorama to disperse light into the spires and refract local GI lighting
* Several layers of clearcoat to preserve the paint job and reflect local GI lighting
* 6’-0” wire harness extends to auxiliary power connection in front of cabinet

NOTE: You will need an available 12v/5v auxiliary connector to power this mod. LotR pinball comes with an available connector of this type in the cabinet near the coin door. If you are using this connection to power two or more mods, you will need to purchase a power splitter.

See our GLOOM AND DOOM COMBO listing to purchase both Wizard's Tower and Volcano mod together for a $20 savings.

If you would prefer warm white or red lighting, please PM me for details

Item photos

OLDvsNEW (resized).jpg
OrthancJ (resized).jpg
TowerSplash (resized).jpg
WTT1 (resized).jpg
test6 (resized).jpg
A0608CC6-90D8-48C5-A26A-D1627630D362 (resized).jpeg
BWT (resized).JPG
WIZFIN (resized).JPG
TOWER WHITE (resized).jpg
3B49C86A-3324-491C-8539-E7B3A209745D (resized).jpeg
TOWER OUT2 (resized).JPG
TOWER OUT (resized).JPG
Wire Channel (resized).jpg

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