Ice World & AT-AT for Star Wars Pinball Machine (Hoth shot)


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Ice World & AT-AT for Star Wars Pinball Machine (Hoth shot)

Item description

So you have this HOTH shot in your Star Wars pinball machine, right? Let our "Ice World" represent!

This lighted mod has an other-worldy glow and is tied into the white general illumination circuit of your Star Wars pinball machine. The magic happens when you turn on your machine; Ice World has been engineered with light tubes. When one of the two colored acrylic tubes is pushed into the heart of the globe, the entire tone changes color. The fine details and shadows come out as light is dispersed through the model.

Ice World uses a Matrix Quick Connector (included) to tap into the white GI circuit of your SW pinball machine and takes about five minutes to install (completely reversible).

The Ice World includes a custom fit replacement pop bumper cap. The Hot Wheels® Star Wars™ At At™ toy is optional. If you BYOA (bring your own AT-AT) be sure to secure the AT-AT to the new cap with hot glue or epoxy. The pb cap was designed to fit the "Hot Wheels Star Wars AT-AT vs. Rebel Snowspeeder" toy and can be purchased at your retailer of choice.

Be sure to order the correct version (PRO or LE/PREMIUM) as each one is a separate custom fit design.

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Item photos

SW LE ICE (resized).jpeg
Test Bed (2) (resized).jpg
Hoth Index (resized).JPG
Feature 5 (resized).JPG
Mounted Pro Portrait (resized).JPG
Pinside ICE3 (resized).jpg
feature 3 (resized).jpg
walker (resized).jpg
feature2 (resized).jpg
ice blue (resized).jpg

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