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NEW! Pinball Placemats (Black & Ball) - Reversible

Item description

It is often the little touches that bring a room's decor together, which is why you shouldn't overlook the value of these decorative Pinball Placemats. Protect your dining table from damage caused by spilled food and drink. Perfect to use in a Man-Cave while watching the game on TV with your friends or while you are hosting a barbecue outdoors, these stunning Pinball Placemats will have all of your friends raving about their cool, artistic look.

Each Pinball Placemat displays two of our photographer's eye-catching pinball photos, one on each side, so you can change up the look anytime you like.

Our Pinball Placemats are easy to clean, machine washable, and water resistant, so you don't have to worry about them getting ruined after an accidental spill. Perfect for any pinball enthusiast or someone who collects arcade memorabilia, these Pinball Photograph Placemats are sure to please. Give a set of these high-quality, unique Pinball Placemats as a gift or get some for yourself. Decorate your table with these retro and stylish Pinball Placemats to set your Man-Cave, Dining Room, or other dining space apart.

- 12" x 18" inches
- Made of Premium Polyester Fabric
- Machine wash
- Two reversible pinball placemat styles - four images
- Water resistant
- Imported

Exclusive of Pinball Photos LLC

Item photos

Placemat03 (resized).jpg
Placemat12 (resized).jpg
placemat four (resized).jpg
placemat four 2 (resized).jpg

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Set of Four (4) Placemats - Reversible In stock

$ 35.00

Set of Six (6) Placemats - Reversible In stock

$ 52.00


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