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Elvira House of Horrors Apron Video Display Mod

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The Elvira House of Horrors apron video mod consists of 1 or 2 screens that will play a continuous loop of trailer highlights from all 26 of the public domain movies featured in the 2010-2011 season of Elvira’s Movie Macabre. I individually edited each trailer to remove all the boring sections, so each trailer is about a minute or so in length. I also added some intro bumpers between some of the trailers to add to the fun (coming soon, previews of coming attractions, now feature presentation, this film is restricted, etc.). It takes approximately 26 minutes to play through the full set of trailers and intros. The screens come on whenever the game is powered on and just display video, there is no sound for any of the trailers.

This mod replaces the original plastic insert (left, right, or both depending which version you order) with a new plastic insert containing the video display and new surrounding artwork. The eyeball and text areas in the new art around the display are still backlit via the game controlled apron LED’ so, you can still see the intended lighting effects during gameplay just like the original apron artwork.

The mod has two available art styles. Premium style matches the premium games style with a red swirls background and a green eyeball. LE/SLE style matches those games style with a blue swirls background and a gray eyeball.

You can order the mod as a single screen system or a dual screen system. A single screen system replaces only one of the apron plastics with the mod. Single screen buyers can choose a screen designed to fit the left side or the right side of the apron. The dual screen system comes with two screens that replace both the left and right plastics with the mod.

For single screen users, all 26 trailers are loaded onto the single screen. For dual screen users, the 26 trailers are split between the two screens.

The mod power is connected to the game’s AC power to the dollar bill validator so there is no power being pulled from the game’s node boards. If you are already using the dollar bill validator connector for something else then you will need a “Bill Validator Power Splitter for Stern SPIKE 2” which can be purchased here: An added benefit of installing this the mod is that there are two extra AC outlets included that will only be active when the game is turned on. You can use those extra outlets to plug in 5V or 12V DC wall adapters to supply power for other mods in your game. The mod works with all version of the machine but if your machine was not built for Us or Canada let me know and I will include the proper harness needed. The

The 26 public domain films included in the mod are: Manos The Hands of Fate, Teenagers From Outer Space, Manster, Werewolf of Washington, Night of the Living Dead, Brain That Wouldn't Die, Santa Claus Conquers The Martians, Giant Gila Monster, Satanic Rights of Dracula, Wild Women of Wongo, Gappa, Killer Shrews, Wasp Woman, Eegah, Attack of the Giant Leeches, Beast From the Haunted Cave, Bucket of Blood, Don't Look In the Basement, Hercules and the Captive women, I Eat Your Skin, Lady Frankenstein, Jesse James Vs Frankenstein's Daughter, Scared to Death (has Bela Lugosi!), the Terror (has Boris Karloff and Jack Nicolson!), Tormented, and Untamed Women.

Installation only takes a few minutes and complete instructions with pictures are included.

Also included with your mod is a bonus start button insert. Replace the boring “Start” graphic with an eyeball graphic that compliments the art style of the game.

When ordering below you can select dual, left,or right screen and LE or Premium art style.

Here is a link to a youtube video showing the mod in action.

Here's an installation video by pinsider moomert1

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