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Stern offers a great Bat Signal projector topper accessory, but for people like me with low ceilings it would be problematic to get a good projected image. I decided to make my own Bat-Signal projector mod with more flexible mounting options so you can get a great looking projected Bat Signal image no mater what your game room configuration looks like.

My projector mounts using a magnetic base with a ball and socket joint for the projector. The power cord is 6 feet long so you can mount the projector anywhere on the back or top of the Batman66 metal back box (or even way down low on a back leg). The power cord is a standard 2 prong style so if you added a house hold extension cord you could put the projector somewhere off of the game to lit up another area of the game room. The farther away you move the projector from the wall/ceiling/floor the bigger the image will be. There is a focus adjustment so no matter where you mount the projector you can get razor sharp focus of the projected Bat-Logo.

If you have a Batman66 LE version the mod includes a harness to plug right into the Stern game controlled trigger for their Bat-Signal so it will turn on and off automatically during gameplay. For example with 0.85 code the Bat-Signal comes on; momentarily at start of game, when Bat-Phone is ringing, during Bat-cave sequence at start of each major villain, and during Bat-Turn mode. When game is in attract mode the signal is also on.

For Batman66 Premium users there is not a game driven Bat-Signal on/off trigger. The included harness for Premium users is wired such that it automatically comes on when the game is powered on and stays on until the game is powered off. An extra advantage Premium users have is the mod also includes a secondary AC outlet that will be on only when the game is on. You can use that extra outlet to externally power any other game mods you have with out taxing the power draw on your node or power boards.

I include full color instructions with photos along with an appropriate wiring harness to make installation very simple.

This projector requires 120VAC power so if you are not US based you would need a power converter to provide 120VAC to the mod.

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signal_door (resized).jpg
signal_floor (resized).jpg
projector_adjustments (resized).jpg
behind topper (resized).jpg
low_backbox (resized).jpg
low_leg (resized).jpg
straight_side (resized).jpg

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