Starship Troopers Topper and Under Cabinet LED Mod

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Starship Troopers Topper and Under Cabinet LED Mod

Item description

This is an interactive mod for Starship Troopers Pinball. The mod consists of two blue beacons for the topper as well as four LED strips for under the cabinet. They are all separate and tied to the flash driver. The Blue Beacons are tied to the multiball flasher and the under cabinet strips are tied to the Yellow Bug, Blue Bug, Green Bug and Red Bug flashers. As you kill bugs that color bug flashes the corresponding flasher as well as the under cab LED strip. These are the same kits I sell on EBay but you can buy direct through Pinside and save!!

What's in the kit??

•Four LED strips (Two pairs). The strips colors represented in the game Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow,
•Two Blue Beacons for the topper with Comet LED 13 5050 SMD Super Flasher Towers installed.
•J6 Board Jumper with leads for the Mod.
•Under Cabinet Y splitter. If you do not want to run both sets of LEDs under the cabinet you don't have to!!
•Two Under Cabinet LED extensions. (Use only one and don't use the splitter if the LED effect is to bright)
•One extension for the Topper Beacons.
•Four Command Strips to mount the Beacons.
•Five 3M Wire Clips to secure loose wires.
•Four feet of 3M Double Sided LED tape in case your strips have spots that do not adhere well.
•One micro fiber cloth to wipe everything down you will adhere your LEDs and Command Strips.
•***NOTE*** This Mod does not have the waterproof LEDs as shown in the installation video. The weight due to the coating causes them to fall off the machine over time. Also you will need to remove your transport bars on the topper if you wish to mount them as I did. You can also leave to bars on but will need to mount the beacons as you see fit.

Here is a video link to the mod in action as well as a how to install video.


Item photos

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