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“#1 TWIPY Award Winning Pinball Product by This Week in Pinball”

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Pin Stadium Pinball Mods

Pin Stadium

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They are going fast, order today! TWIPY award winning pinball product for your pinball machine by and PAPA/IFPA Approved!

Pin Stadium is an RGB(Multi Colored) + White GI lighting kit that is independently controllable with our free IOS and Android app. Auto syncs with GI/Modes!

Simply type in the name of your machine and we will know what specific kit you need. Compatibility: Our kits work on any standard pinball machine new or old. We have tested and fitted these extensively on Stern (SAM/Whitestar/Spike 1/Spike 2), Bally/Williams DMD, Data East, JJP, Gottlieb, Spooky, Sega, Chicago Gaming, Dutch Pinball, Heighway Pinball, System 11, System 6, American Pinball etc.

This kit is fully loaded and includes the UV+Glow Flasher along with Invisi-Shield 2.0 and comes complete with easy Plug & Play installation instructions (10-15 minutes), no tools, and is easily transferable to any pinball machine.


Pair of Pin Stadium lights ready to install
1x Pair of Light bars
GI/Flasher Cables
Alcohol wipes
2x Cable Clamps
Universal Power Supply
Installation instructions

Free IOS and Android app for download

PAPA/IFPA approved and endorsed for competition, streaming, and collectors. Also many well respected in the community love them too.. Thinking about pulling the trigger on Pin Stadiums? Well just ask ANY of these guys!

#1 Mod of the year award!

Zach and Greg from SDTM:

Nick and Kevin from Buffalo Pinball:

Jack from Jersey Jack Pinball:

Martin and Ryan C. from Head2Head:

Kaneda’s Pinball Podcast

Josh and Chance from The Canadian Arcade:

Trent Augenstein from Tilt Amusements:

Zespy the owner of the prestigious Logan’s Arcade:

Mark and crew from the San Diego Pinball club:

Item photos

01_pinball_mods_pinball_lights (resized).png
02_pinball_led_lights_bulbs_mod_pin_stadium_pinball_led_lights1250 (resized).png
03_jjp_woz_pinstadium (resized).png
04_pinball_led_lights_bulbs_mod_pinball_led_lights_bulbs_GI_Module (resized).png
05_pinball_led_lights_bulbs_mod_pinball_led_lights_bulbs_GI_Flasher_Cables (resized).png
06_pinball_led_lights_bulbs_mod_universal_power_600 (resized).png
07_pinball_led_lights_bulbs_mod_wax_box_600 (resized).png
08_twilightzone_tz_pinball_led (resized).png
09_mmr_pinball_lights_led_kit_before (resized).jpeg
09b_mmr_pinball_lights_led_kit_after (resized).jpeg
09c_acdc_pinball_led_lights_before (resized).JPG
09d_acdc_pinball_led_lights_after (resized).JPG
44F29AB3-586F-467F-995D-98F9780484D9 (resized).JPG
the_big_lebowski_pinball_machine_pinstadiums (resized).JPG

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