Interactive Judge Dredd Sniper Tower Mod (LED)

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Interactive Judge Dredd Sniper Tower Mod (LED)

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[[ EDIT: Added the "Die Hard" edition that adds enhanced RGB lighting (cycles through all the colors), a chrome window, and sharper insert detail.

Also, add the Quasar (Comet's brightest bulb) underneath the fence of any model for $4.99.

All versions now ship with "sunlight" for the playfield insert ]]

Thank you for your interest in my listing for the Judge Dredd Sniper Tower. It replaces the Sniper Tower plastic and simply installs with the same factory screws and a supplied #555 SMD to replace the Sniper insert bulb (no permanent modification required).

This mod is hand painted and lights up when the ball whips by the tower after a right ramp shot, it also lights after a left ramp shot, and of course strobes during Sniper Mode ("shoot the sniper tower" can finally make sense ;) ). During Manhunt Millions, the tower flashes in sync with the sound of the bullets. In addition to any other time the Sniper insert lights.

This mod also helps to hide the back of the exposed optos and wiring.

There is a cutout between the fence and Tower to allow light to shine on the building and through the fence.

The color options for the lit window are, RED, WHITE, BLUE, GREEN, or YELLOW. The color pictures show an earlier version of the window insert--the final version has a solid silhouette for the man rather than the crosshair lines going through him. Of course the lighting looks better in person than I was able to photograph (I may update images later on).

A clip showing some of the effects with the RED LED version:



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RGB "Die Hard" edition (red brick/chrome window) In stock

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Add Quasar bulb under the fence (any model) In stock

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