DMDMK66 128x32, Multicolor, 100% Plug and Play.


“Design and manufacture of electronic circuits., Multicolor DMDMK66.”

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DMDMK66 128x32, Multicolor, 100% Plug and Play.

Item description

* To place orders, please contact by email, Skype pinballsp, Whatsapp +34693344445, Facebook or forum private message.  

DMDMK66 128x32 Multicolor Led display.
Compatible with all Bally/Williams, Data East, Capcom, Stern SAM, Stern/Sega WhiteStar, Spinball and Stern Spike (under development, Gottlieb and Virtual Pinbal).

You can configure colors, color palettes and brightness level, 100% Plug and Play does not need external power supply or special cables, connect with orignal cables/connectors and works inmediately. All updates for freem from Gitlab. You do not need to pay for licenses or request activations. High quality product, professional design, all in a large PCB board.

Ready for the future Advanced Color based on Magic Color Tool Editor, to color the games frame by frame.
For firmware updates, visit my Gitlab (all for free),

Optional extras; preconfigured micro SD card +11€, Amber filter +21€. All prices in Euros currency.
Shipping costs (by Courier with tracking); Spain/Portugal 8 Euros, European countries of the EU 26 Euros, USA/Canada 49 euros. Other destinations, consult.

For more details, ORDERS or questions, please contact me by email, Skype pinballsp, Whatsapp +34693344445, or forum private message. Visit also my Youtube channel

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1940ef8fec6ebaed7e368bcd1f9e4afa5af353b0 (resized).jpg
21125376_1482076251872606_421580610861963614_o (resized).jpg
21122220_1482076541872577_5508818896986507377_o (resized).jpg
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f2ff69500bbf4930b1339600d439433a509cad6c (resized).jpg
5e71df6a2456552fda2a2cc68c68b771a525abae (resized).jpg
eacfd5df940572cf2878750abeac5ffda391464c (resized).jpg
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db6ef928b943654ed5a57af879e1ab43e66d06df (resized).jpg
22426222_1519830044763893_4714399050643482464_o (resized).jpg
25311023_1579944588752438_8580163037734026560_o (resized).jpg
22339342_1519829464763951_6588755950493503416_o (1) (resized).jpg
22383983_1519829028097328_8894249253004425004_o (resized).jpg
22339679_1519829078097323_2583055888123545243_o (resized).jpg
15235502_1212350848845149_4950917462527795764_o (resized).jpg
21056208_1482076158539282_7787632827268393621_o (resized).jpg
20988907_1478881868858711_790326556972226424_o (resized).jpg
22424452_1519829921430572_8287970732142265529_o (resized).jpg
21199645_1482076478539250_1533381054978556346_o (resized).jpg
21083526_1482076325205932_1583396406503186147_o (resized).jpg
21083167_1481818468565051_5535475983355848224_o (resized).jpg
21167158_1481818465231718_5172045252674191136_o (resized).jpg

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DMDMK66 128x32, Multicolor, 100% Plug and Play. Out of stock
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€ 193.00

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