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STAR WARS Unofficial v.1.07

(last updated December 17, 2016)

Note: This is a minor update from v.1.06.  The impetus of this was because of a cheat that was discovered with the Skill Shot.  After I fixed that, I decided to make a few other minor changes as noted below.  This update is 100% compatible with ColorDMD's release for Star Wars.

1) Fixed the Skill Shot so there is no longer a cheat on Ball 1 or Ball 3 if you fire during the instructional screen.

2) Fixed Instant Info so Cantina Band Bonus is only shown when actually collected.

3) Notice how painfully fast the Instant Info screens fly by? I have slowed them down wherever possible so now they are more humanly readable. Player is still able to skip screens by hitting the other flipper button.

4) Delayed the electricity sound effect to better match the animation when making a ramp shot during Empire when the Emperor lightning bolts are shown.

5) R2-D2 sound effect is now always played along with C-3PO Eye video even when delayed. Previously, if you made that shot and also lit the Force, then it would play the "Use The Force" animation/voice call, and then show the C-3PO Eye animation, but the R2-D2 sound would not play along with the C-3PO animation in this instance.

6) Fixed timing of sound effect on Right Scoop Sarlaac Pit to match video of Jabba's Skiff flying past.

7) Added laser shot sound effect to match video displayed when hitting X-Wing target during X-Wing Multi-Millions

8) A single, inaccurate, laser sound effect played every time you hit the flippers during X-Wing Multi-Millions. I have fixed this to be a more accurate sound effect of an X-Wing firing and also varied it so left flipper plays one laser sound effect and right flipper plays another laser sound effect.

9) Start of Jedi Return now plays voice call of Vader saying "The Force is strong with this one".

10) Start of Jedi Return no longer plays jackpot sound effect since there is no jackpot collected at this moment.

11) Music played during Jedi Return is now a previously unused hurry up music track.

STAR WARS Unofficial v.1.06

(last updated May 4, 2016)


Fixed game start to always play Star Destroyer rumble sound even if Start is pressed during match sequence.

Spamming fire button will no longer grant Skill Shot award on Ball 2 and Ball 3. Also the Tie Fighter starts off screen at beginning of animation now which looks more natural.

A perfect bullseye shot will now offer 2X Skill Shot award and play Luke voice call of “I got him!”. A hit to the side of the Tie Fighter will score regular Skill Shot award. You are rewarded more for accuracy now!

Removed explosion sound from missed Skill Shot.

Fixed it so laser shot animation will always play for a missed Skill Shot.


Changed timer on Cantina from 16 seconds to 23 seconds which allows full song to always play.

Added Emperor voice call of "There is a great disturbance in the Force" to start of Empire.

Added metal clanging sound effect to Speeder Mode lit video.

Added bang sound effect to Million Pops start.

Added voice call "Red 2 standing by" and "Red 3 standing by" to start of X-Wing Multi Millions.

X-Wing Multi Millions now starts at 2 Million instead of 1 Million.

Taun Taun - Made Han's voice call start a bit sooner to give it a better chance to finish and fixed bug on scoring during Ball 4+.

The Force Award named Wildcard would always grant Sarlaac Pit. This has been changed to truly be a wildcard and will pick from one of eight random Force Awards.


Changed timer on Jedi Return from 15 seconds to 30 seconds.

Extended pause at start of Super Death Star to allow player to have a chance of hitting 50 Million.

Extended pause at start of Super R2-D2 to allow player to have a chance of hitting 50 Million.

Super R2D2 Runaway scoring change:

original - Starts at 50M, 10M subtracted every 2 seconds, timer is 10 seconds.

update - Starts at 50M, 2M subtracted every 1 seconds, timer is 25 seconds.

Fixed Super Force Award selection to not have double chance of choosing Empire.

Made it so Empire will only be chosen a max of one time (like Jedi Return).

Made it so second round of Super Force Awards will offer 30 Million instead of 25 Million.


Extended time before ball is kicked out of Sarlacc scoop so player has chance to read bonus.


Fixed Jabba’s Bounty to also offer Collect Force.

Fixed bug with Jabba’s Bounty award Lite C-3PO Eyes to only select this if it is available.

Jabba’s Bounty award Lite Laser Kick will now lite the actual Laser Kick lamp (if available) instead of the Lite Laser Kick lamp.


Adjustment 46 (Spot Death Star Moon) has been modified. Hard will now only spot one moon per ball. Hard and Factory will no longer guarantee all eight moons on Ball 3. This allows the player to better customize the game to their expertise.

New Spot Death Star Moon behavior:

Extra Hard (Never spot moon)

Ball 1 = X O O O O O O O

Ball 2 = X O O O O O O O

Ball 3 = X O O O O O O O

Hard (Spot 1 moon, after Tri-ball spot 0 moon) - This is default

Ball 1 = X X O O O O O O

Ball 2 = X X X O O O O O

Ball 3 = X X X X O O O O

Factory (Spot 2 moon, after Tri-ball spot 1 moon)

Ball 1 = X X X O O O O O

Ball 2 = X X X X X O O O

Ball 3 = X X X X X X X O

Easy (Spot 2 moon, guarantee all moons spotted on ball 3, after Tri-ball spot 1 moon)

Ball 1 = X X X O O O O O

Ball 2 = X X X X X O O O

Ball 3 = X X X X X X X X

Extra Easy (Spot 4 moon, guarantee all moons spotted on ball 2, after Tri-ball spot 2 moon)

Ball 1 = X X X X X O O O

Ball 2 = X X X X X X X X

Ball 3 = X X X X X X X X


Fixed Yoda choice to accept input right away and extended timer for choice.

Added “Empire” as a possible Yoda award.


Three shots to C-3PO Eyes are now required to start R2-D2 Runaway.

R2-D2 Runaway starting countdown value has been changed from 15 Million to 20 Million.


Increased bonus from 6 Million to 10 Million for a successful completion of this mode.


Removed collecting STAR WARS letter from ramp.

Collected STAR WARS letters will no longer reset at the start of each ball.


Fixed stutter with "Death Star approaching" voice call if played between balls.

“Freeze!” voice call fixed to not get cut short.  Chewbacca’s cry will now play properly.

Fixed bug where Super Laser Kick will not collect in rare instances where Laser Kick lamp is flashing.

Tilt Warnings (Adjustment 16) range is now configurable from 0 to 3 and all inclusive and default is 2.

Victory Lap will now also play when Award is set to Extra Ball.

Death Star and R2-D2 motors will now keep running and lamps will stay lit when Freeze is initiated.

Made it so Extra Ball on Ramp 18 will always be offered even if Extra Ball was already collected.

Updated random voice calls for both return lanes. Added unused voice call of Ben saying “I need your help, Luke” and fixed separate “Red 2” and “Standing by” voice calls to properly say “Red 2 standing by” contiguously.  Removed voice call of Yoda saying "Give you points I will" because he isn't in this instance.

Switch 56 is not used but the code will run an incorrect subroutine.  Fixed it so a ghost triggering of this switch will be ignored.

Prevented "This is some rescue!" and “Oh my!” voice call while draining from being cut short if Cantina mode is playing.

Timing on the Hyper Space videos has been slightly extended to allow whole video to play.

Voice call when updating Adjustments will no longer get cut short.

Restart Game (Adjustment 41) function now requires Start button to be held down for two seconds. Default for this adjustment is on.

Click here for a list of all changes in v.1.04


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